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How we can help

The Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime (OFOVC) helps victims and their loved ones, non-government organizations and other agents working on behalf of victims with any questions or concerns they may have about the federal government laws, departments and services that serve victims of crime.

We work both individually with the victims who contact us directly and collectively on behalf of victims to effect positive change to Canada's federal laws, policies and procedures for assisting and supporting victims of crime.

Individual assistance

If you are a victim of crime, the OFOVC can:

  • answer any questions you might have about your rights as a victim
  • give you information about the services and programs available to you through the federal government
  • receive and review your complaints about other federal government departments, laws or policies
  • refer you to programs and services in your city or province that may be able to help you

Working for all victims

We use the experiences victims share with us to help identify broader issues that impact all victims and to make recommendations to the federal government on how to change its policies or laws to better suit the needs and concerns of victims.

The OFOVC also works to ensure that policy makers and other criminal justice personnel are aware of victims' needs and concerns in order to encourage the development of policy and legislation that is more responsive to the needs of victims.

If you have been, or are representing, a victim of crime and have questions or a complaint about the federal laws, policies or services that apply to victims, please contact us.