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Accessing the registry of decisions

The Parole Board of Canada maintains a registry of its decisions along with the reasons for those decisions. The purpose of the registry of decisions is to contribute to public understanding of conditional release decision-making and to promote openness and accountability. Anyone may request, in writing, a copy of these decisions.

Anyone who demonstrates an interest in a specific case may write to the PBC to ask for a copy of the decision made in a case. A written request must be forwarded to the PBC regional office serving the area where the offender is imprisoned or under supervision (any regional office may be contacted to find out where to direct the request).

The request must describe the reason for that interest; for example, the person making the request is a member of the offender's family; a community volunteer; the offender's assistant; the victim; the investigating police officer; a media representative; etc.

The Request for Registry of Decisions Form are available from the Parole Board of Canada.